Thursday, August 30, 2007

Never right and wrong again…

Neither yes and no

Ok, well I was part right about the Spanish and part wrong. Dave, the Zoroastro of the 200-ers, has been doing some digging. I was right about the Granada battalions being the two missing regular units, but hopelessly wrong about the Catalans. He has been trying to make sense of Jose Bueno’s book on the Spanish Army in 1808 and the two battalions of Catalonian Volunteers are not the regular light infantry units I supposed. Neither are they levies as Oman supposed either.

Turns out they are the Rondas Volantes de Catalunya, a sort of Gendarmerie charged with anti-smuggling operations (or probably just those the unit itself was not involved with) and looks like being some sort of Miquelet-type light infantry. The pic below has them looking rather dashing, and the blue goes by the name of ‘azul celeste’ – heavenly blue. Dave suggested, and I agree, that the FR Guerillas in cape would be the best representation of this bunch, so off we go again.

126: Rondas Volantes di Catalunya

Diesbach completed

The flags arrived from Vaubanner this week and I took a few shots of the completed unit (see below). How fast this project progresses is dependent on money, or rather if I can sell the Finns or not. I try to keep to a strict annual budget for buying figures and terrain and I have reached it for 2007! So, if the Finns go then fine (and there is just over a day left to go) and I had a question about them yesterday, but I am not convinced that they will sell. If they do then that means a lot more WAS figures. But there is also the issue of what the Eureka Dutch WAS will look like, and I will have to turn to them for some of the Spanish, notably the troops with turnbacks and collar but no lapels.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos

Talking to a brick wall

I have also been doing some more work on my 15mm Vauban Fortress, seen here with some 1790’s Austrians in residence. I have a few more pieces to paint to complete it, but it looks jolly impressive on the edge of a table, so when it is fully complete and can stand alone it should be real fun.


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