Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ole, Senor and Costa Brava....

Just a short post with a bit of eye candy. These are two Spanish cavalry regiments that I have painted up for my fellow 200-er, Trevor. Trevor builds all the terrain and organises the scenario for whatever battle we are going to fight. It does not sound much but his sculpting of the individual battlefields is painstaking and detailed and takes considerable time and effort. Like many 200-ers he is ex-military and this whole project can be dated back to his time in Germany, presumably with BAOR.

Line Cavalry Regiment 'Infanta'

The regiments are the Spanish Line Cavalry Regiment 'Infanta' and the Guard Hussar Regiment of King Joseph. Like all other Spanish cavalry regiments they match their prettiness with their dubious military ability. I suspect Joseph's Hussars in particular had a cossack-pesqu reputation based on random executions and looting, but the Peninsular is not really my field.

King Joseph's Guard Hussars

The figures, as you can see, are Minifigs. For someone used to painting Front Rank and Elite they were a major shock; true 25mm. Detail was lacking in most cases, the sculptor himself seemed to be in two minds as to whether he should indulge in any at all, the lines being so faint in many cases. I did put them next to my Front Rank Stipiscz Hussars that I am still painting and the difference was acute. But Trevor has a very large wargames figure collection dating back to the 70's and it is all Minifig, and anything else would stand out like a sore thumb so there is no real choice here. Indeed I can compare the figures today, but back then there clearly was no choice and technology when it came to figure design and manufacture has moved ahead light years.

And this completes my first painting commission for many years. Hopefully there will be more, as this has paid for some Grenz and some Chevauleger from Front Rank for the ongoing 1809 project. More of that in another post.



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