Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Victory Despatch of Archduke John

My dear brother

Today the Army of Inner Austria struck the first blow against French tyranny. In battle against the Italian and French forces under the Viceroy of Italy our brave regiments proved that the French can be beaten decisively and convincingly on ground of their own choosing.

The troops of His Excellency, our dear brother and Kaiser, threw French troops out of a series of defensive positions and contained their aggressive but ultimately futile attacks. I particularly draw attention to the role played by FML Frimont de Palota, whose bravery and tactical skill destroyed one French division and drove off another. Your Excellency's own regiment, IR3, covered itself with glory in a determined assault against the French.

French arrogance has today been humbled by the calm determination of our troops. Our enterprise can only go from strength to strength in light of this terrific victory.


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