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Hohenlinden Dispositionskarte

Armee Dispositionskarte

General Opinion

Events in Germany have reached a critical stage. After the victorious campaigns in Germany, Italy and the Low Countries in 1799 the Godless forces of the French Republic have struck back in Italy and in Germany undoing many of our gains. We have also been abandoned by our Russian ally, and the British have once again withdrawn to their island. Austria stands alone with the exception of our Bavarian allies.

Events of 1st and 2nd December

The Army of Germany has scored some notable successes over the past week. Having overwhelmed the French at Ampfing on the 1st of December, the French have been compelled to abandon the town of Haag which we occupied on the 2nd December. It is the considered view of the Archduke and his staff that the French are retreating in some disorder and are concentrated around the town of Hohenlinden.

Overall Army Plan

Oberst Weyrother's plan calls for a concentric attack aimed at striking into the plain of Hohenlinden by four columns. All four columns are to converge upon Hohenlinden, the approach of the left and centre columns hidden on their approach by the Grosshaagerwald. It is also anticipated that the poor weather will help mask the approach of our columns. The overall plan is to draw the French towards the centre and right columns and left flanking columns roll up the enemy flank.

FML Kienmayer

Orders for Kolonne of FML Kienmayer

FML Kienmayer's column is the only column to approach the French in the open. The objective of FML Kienmayer's troops is the storming and occupation of Forstern and denying it to the French. It is anticipated that a serious assault against this position will draw French forces from the centre and right of their position. Cavalry and artillery units of FML Latour's column are anticipated to emerge from the Burgrainer Holz in the vicinity of Wetting, and they are to place themselves under your command as soon as practicable.

Orders for Kolonne of FML Baillet de Latour

The Column of FML Baillet de Latour is to advance from its start lines and move via the hamlet of Wilher to the village of Mittach. Here they are to form a defensive line and occupy the town. Upon the arrival of the Bavarian Division to relieve them, the column shall then continue its advance,  the majority passing through the Mittacherwald towards the village of Kronacker From this position FML Latour must use his discretion and may either assault Hohenlinden proper in conjunction with the Bavarian Division or assist the column of FML Kienmayer.  The brigade of GM Esterhazy and the column artillery, however, will advance along the track through the Burgrainer Holz to emerge before Wetting where the greater open spaces will allow more effective use of the cavalry and guns. They are to be placed under the command of FML Kienmayer as soon as they gain contact with his force.

Orders for Division Zweibrucken

The Column of Glt Zweibrucken will leave its start lines ahead of the Division of FML Kollowrat.  The Division will move down the main highway through the Grosshaagerwald until reaching the crossroads. The Division will then take the left hand track which leads towards Mittach. Upon reaching Mittach the division is to relieve the column of FML Baillet de Latour. When FML Latour's forces have cleared the area the Division of Glt Zweibrucken is to advance directly through the Mittacherwald towards Hohenlinden and take up positions on the edge of the treeline. The force is to make contact on its right with the forces of FML Latour which should have occupied Kronacker and on the left with the Division of FML Kollowrat around the village of Birbach.

FML Kollowrat-Krakowsky

Orders for Division Kollowrat-Krakowsky

The Division of FML Kollorat-Krakowsky, accompanied by the Archduke and his staff, will follow the Bavarian Division along the main highway until it reaches the crossroads. Here the force will divide. The Brigade of GM Spannochi will continue along the main highway and continue along this axis to emerge from the Grosshaagerwald and attack in the direction of Krieth-Birbech. The remainder of the division will take the right-hand fork and proceed in the direction of Mittach, but taking the right-hand track halfway along that route which leads to Birbach. This force is to emerge from the treeline and immediately assault Birbach.

Orders for Kolonne of FML Reisch

The Kolonne of FML Reisch will advance through the Grosshagerwald to occupy the village of Schutzen. The force is then to take the track to its right towards Krieth. Here it will link up with the forces of FML Kollowrat-Krakowsky and under the direct command of the Commander in Chief. The forces around Krieth and Birbach will then fall upon the right flank of the enemy which will have been drawn towards the right and centre columns.

Oberst Franz von Weyrother

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