Monday, January 3, 2011

Painting and Eye Candy

Les Blancs RdeLi 68e

Eye Candy

Of course it appears that I have not painted much, this is not true but rather it has taken me until now to get some photos done.

Return of the Tricorns

Camposanto rumbles slowly on and I have managed to complete the 2nd battalions of regiments Lombardia and Diesbach and the first battalion of regiment Schollemberg. I Have not sorted out the colour for the second Lombardia battalion as yet, but here are some pics of the full regiment of Diesbach.

Regiment Diesbach

Meanwhile at Camposanto only one battalion of Schollemberg was present, so I have done it as the first battalion with the appropriate King's Colour as opposed to the regimental one.

Regiment Schollemberg


I could not resist doing some samples of the new Eureka miniatures 1790's range. Luckily they do not seem to be focussed on Italy in 1796, as my main interest is the Austrian Netherlands 1992-1794, a longer campaign with lots of big and small battles.

Les Blancs

So I painted the French samples asd Les Blancs regiments who were involved in the first catastrophic French invasion of the Austrian Netherlands, and some Hungarian infantry from IR33 that was present at the first battle of the French Revolution

O'Donel Freicorps

The trouble is that the Eureka stuff is very expensive, so I got some samples from Wargames Foundry to paint up as O'Donels Freicorps. Originally raised in 1790 to help carve up Poland this band of cut throats, freebooters and opportunists were in it for what they could get out of sort of people.


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