Monday, January 10, 2011

The Victory Despatch of Archduke John

My dear brother

Today the Army of Germany struck a blow against French tyranny.

Taking heart from our earlier victory at Ampfing, your army drove through the heavy Grosshagerwald and inflicted yet another defeat upon the French, crushing a third of their army and leaving the rest retreating in confusion.

Special mention must be made of FML Kienmayer, GM Esterhazy and your dear cousin the Archduke Ferdinand D’Este who, at the age of 19, shows much promise. While the bulk of our army pinned the French in place, our right smashed the French in the open and sent the surviving rabble fleeing for Paris. Guns and colours captured from the enemy are en-route to Vienna as soon as possible.

My dear brother, Germany is ours once again. The French are in retreat for the Rhine and the spirit of 1799 once again animates the army.


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